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The Marks of a Disciple- Ken Adams
Category: General Post

Posted December 08, 2014 by Steve Hudson
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The Marks of a Disciple

Ken Adams, January 30, 2014

 Most Christians would consider themselves to be “disciples of Christ.”  They would say that because they have accepted Christ, attend church at times, and try to live a good life. None of these are bad things.  However, these things are not necessarily the marks of a true disciple; one who is being “trained or taught!”

A “mathete”, a disciple, is a person who is marked by two very distinct things. A disciple demonstrates the character of Christ and the conduct of Christ. Who a person is and what they do are the marks that indicate they are true disciples of Jesus.

When a person is demonstrating the character of Christ, who they are changes. The attributes that describe that person become the same attributes that describe Jesus. Words like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control are the fruit of Christ’s presence in a disciple’s life. The character of Jesus was very clearly displayed in the way he related to the people in his life.

When a person is demonstrating the conduct of Christ, what they do changes. The actions that demonstrate a person has the same conduct of Jesus are the same actions found in Christ’s life. Jesus spent time with His father. He spent time caring for people. He spent time with the lost. He helped people identify with His father and He trained people to carry out His mission when He was gone. Jesus had very clearly defined priorities that drove His ministry while on this earth.

As the original disciples spent time with Jesus their character and conduct was transformed. Who they were and what they did became more like that of Jesus and less like their old selves. These “marks” of a disciple were very distinguishable.

The question every believer needs to ask is whether or not his or her character and conduct are becoming more like Christ’s.

It is possible to be a follower of Jesus and not a disciple. You can be born again and heaven bound and still not developing as a disciple. However, the goal of a birth is always growth. If you have been born again, the goal is that you will grow more into Christ’s image and less like your own.


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