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John Abrahamse and J-Life need a Miracle
Category: Prayer Requests

Posted March 26, 2014 by Steve Hudson
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John Abrahamse leads J-Life Africa and is a founding partner of GYI.  John is at the beginning of a 12 day Israel study tour with 50 friends and donors from South Africa.  John shot me this very short email 2 days ago when I was in transit from Turkey...

"Please get guys praying.  One of our tour group members had and allergic reaction to sesame seed in the food - she stopped breathing for 20min and is now on life support in a hospital in Jerusalem.  Sorry to give u this bad news my friend.  We need a miracle."

Yesterday we received this update with more details...

"Hello friends - one of the young women who is on the Israel trip with John and Lorna (and 40+ of their good friends) had a serious allergic reaction last night at dinner. They took her to hospital in Jerusalem and she had surgery last night for a rupture in her stomach. They have been concerned about her brain because she was without oxygen for a period of time. She is still on life support and is in a critical situation. We received the update from Liz Even a bit ago. Please keep Lydia in your prayers as the spirit brings her to your mind. Her name is Lydia, and in addition to being a friend of many on the trip, she is also Nate's (John and Lorna's son) teacher at school. 

Thanks for joining us in praying for her. 

Lydia has lost a lot of blood, basically has an entirely new blood supply. 

The surgery this morning on the stomach was successful but there was another rupture somewhere below the esophagus which they have now plugged. This needs to heal in order for her to stabilize.

There was some response neurologically (brain) but they will only really focus on that once she stabilizes. 

Praise for:

- a great social worker who is keeping us updated and communicating with the doctors for us. She told us to "keep doing whatever you are doing"... So for us that means praying. 

- the signs of some neurological activity. 

- the healing of the stomach rupture. 

- the good care she is receiving. 

 Pray for:

- the blood to be accepted into the body so it can start clotting properly. 

- the healing of the area they plugged. 

- that her body stabilises. 

- no need for further surgery. 

- continued healing in her brain. 

- healing. Read Acts 9:36-43 and we pray that over her. 

Please don't stop praying. She is alive and God has kept her alive so far and we trust for her full healing. 

There will probably be no real change for the next few days and that will be a good thing. But please DON'T STOP PRAYING for these days. It is a long road and her life is not certain. She is still critical and on life support."

Update from John this morning...March 26...

 "When Lydia's mom spoke to her, she seems to have tried to open her eyes and her heart rate increased. These are good signs if we are reading them right." (This would indicate some brain activity). We do not yet have a report from the neurologist visit and we do not know yet whether they did a CT scan on her today. Will post more as we receive updates."

 So join me and the J-Life family in praying for a miracle.  Pray for John as he tries to lead a trip in the midst of all this.  May God be glorified!



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