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By: Steve Hudson :: Posted on: August 10, 2011

I'm reading Know How, by Ram Charan. The subtitle is the 8 skills that seperate people who perform from those who don't. I like Charan, and his earlier book Execution, becuase he focuses on getting things done. So many people talk a good game, but can never execute. 

One of the 8 skills has to do with developing leaders. Here's how Charan starts this chapter..."your job as a leader is getting it done, not doing it yourself, however you decide what the "it" is. Your ability to deliver results depends on how well and how consistantly you grow other leaders" 

Reminds me of the Son's life as He invested into 12 men to lead the movement after he returned to Glory. How intentional is your strategy to develop leaders from your pool of workers? How well are you doing in multiplying leaders? How consistant is your approach in time and effort? 

Jesus was all about developing, empowering, and releasing other leaders for the sake of a great harvest. He chose not to do it on his own. How about you?

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