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Does GYI have staff overseas?

Not directly. GYI is an alliance of organizations committed to the values of Christ’s Life. We are not a sending agency but an alliance of like-minded organizations committed to “creating a movement of God among the youth of the globe…” GYI partners with a number of sending agencies such as Josiah Venture, International Teams, and several other indigenous agencies.

I want to take my youth ministry overseas. Can you connect me with organizations or individuals who share the same training and ministry values?

Yes! We recommend you contact our partners listed on this website.

I’m traveling overseas for a couple weeks and have a chance to train some youth workers. What do you recommend?

Go as a learner first. And then identify some key leaders with whom you can spend time. Share your heartbeat and listen for theirs. If you’re invited to teach on the life of Christ, we recommend you do so straight from the Word rather than from a manual. Be sure to check out some of our articles addressing these important issues.

How do I get exposed to the core training of GYI?

The best way to do this is to get involved with our partnering ministries. If you are from North America, you can go to the training of Sonlife in North America. If you are in Eastern Europe, you can get the core training through Josiah Venture. If in Africa…J-Life Africa. Our partnering organizations have taken the core training of the Son’s Life and adapted it to the context of the region and countries they are working in.

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