100 Country Status
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Total Countries in Phase 3 or Higher

 100 Countries 

Countries & Phases

22 Phase 1
Prayer is being focused
Research is being conducted
A door opening partner (person of peace) has been found
A team is being assembled or identified
29 Phase 2
A leader or team is in place and learning needs, language, and culture
Initial funding is in place
A broad base of relationships are being established
A model ministry is producing fruit
22 Phase 3
Ministry Training
Multiple models are on the increase
A team of potential movement leaders is coming together and DNA transfer is taking place
A sustainable funding plan is being developed
Transferable training is beginning to occur
Multiple model ministries are working together for Kingdom expansion
27 Phase 4
Model ministries are increasing regionally and demographically
Training is well established
Multiple movement leaders are identified and working together as a team
Organizational systems are being expanded
Indigenous leaders are heading up ministries
Multiple delivery systems are being developed
Funding plan is growing…and number of donors is growing
Expansion to new regions in a country
10 Phase 5
Models are multiplying exponentially
Funding plan is sustainable and country/region is giving to other parts of the movement
Multiple teams are established and deployed
Pioneering is occurring to new countries
Future Countries   Countries that are being invested in and will hopefully become Phase 1 countries. 29

Country List (Shown alphabetically by Phase)

CAC is a Creative Access Country.

Phase 1 (Preparation)22
Phase 2 (Foundational)29
Phase 3 (Ministry Training)22
Burkina Faso / J-Life
Chad / J-Life
(Yunan) Ethiopia / J-Life
Fiji / Power to Change
Finland / Power to Change
Gabon / J-Life
Hong Kong / IDN
Italy / Western Europe
Namibia / J-Life
New Zealand / Power to Change
Niger / J-Life
Papua New Guinea / Power to Change
Solomon Islands / Power to Change
South Sudan / J-Life
Taiwan / IDN
(Izmir) Vanuatu / Power to Change
Zanzibar / J-Life
Albania / Josiah Venture
Benin / J-Life
Bosnia / Sonlife LA
Bulgaria / Josiah Venture
Cambodia / IDN
Chile / Sonlife LA
(Nanle) (Zhangzhou) Congo (Brazzaville) / J-Life
Congo, Democratic Republic of / J-Life
Croatia / Josiah Venture
Germany (Formerly E. Germany) / Josiah Venture
Honduras / Sonlife LA
(Hyderabad-Ben) (Darjeeling (Noel)) Ivory Coast / J-Life
Lao Peoples Democratic Republic / IDN
Liberia / J-Life
Malaysia / IDN
Mali / J-Life
Mexico / Sonlife LA
Mozambique / J-Life
Northern Ireland / Western Europe
Russia / Sonlife LA
Thailand / IDN
Vietnam / IDN
Argentina / Sonlife LA
Bolivia / Sonlife LA
Brazil / Sonlife LA
Canada / Sonlife
(Beijing) Cuba / Sonlife LA
Hungary / Josiah Venture
India (Mumbai (Shankar)) / India
India (Rajastan (Richard)) / India
(Punjab (ben)) (Andra Pradesh (Ben)) Indonesia / IDN
Myanmar / IDN
Nicaragua / Sonlife LA
Serbia / Josiah Venture
Thailand (YM) / Power to Change
Uruguay / Sonlife LA
Venezuela / Sonlife LA
Zambia / J-Life
Phase 4 (Expansion)27
Phase 5 (Multiplication)10
Future Countries29
Australia (Shiftm2M) / Power to Change
Burundi / J-Life
Ecuador / Sonlife LA
England / Reign Ministries
Estonia / Josiah Venture
Haiti / Sonlife
India (Bengal (Ben)) / India
India (New Delhi Abraham) / India
(North 24 (Ben)) (Bardhawan (Ben)) (South 24 (Ben)) Kenya / J-Life
Latvia / Josiah Venture
Nigeria / J-Life
Philippines / IDN
Poland / Josiah Venture
Romania / Josiah Venture
Rwanda / J-Life
Singapore / IDN
Slovenia / Josiah Venture
Tanzania / J-Life
Uganda / J-Life
Ukraine / Josiah Venture
Zimbabwe / J-Life
Cameroon / J-Life
Colombia / Sonlife LA
Costa Rica / Sonlife LA
Czech / Josiah Venture
Ghana / J-Life
Malawi / J-Life
Slovakia / Josiah Venture
South Africa / J-Life
Togo / J-Life
United States / Sonlife
Angola / J-Life
Belarus / Josiah Venture
Bosnia / Josiah Venture
Botswana / J-Life
Central African Republic / J-Life
Dominican Republic / Sonlife LA
East Timor / IDN
El Salvador / Sonlife LA
Guatemala / Sonlife LA
Israel / Other
Japan / IDN
Kosovo / Josiah Venture
Lesotho / J-Life
Lithuania / Josiah Venture
Macedonia / Josiah Venture
Madagascar / J-Life
Moldova / Josiah Venture
Montenegro / Josiah Venture
Panama / Sonlife LA
Paraguay / Sonlife LA
Peru / Sonlife LA
Puerto Rico / Sonlife LA
Sierra Leone / J-Life
Somalia / J-Life
Swaziland / J-Life

World Map

Global Disciple Making

Our Mission

Equipping young leaders for movements of multiplication Jesus invested in young emerging leaders to create a movement of multiplying disciples. He then told His followers to "do what I have done" (John 14:12) and "make disciples of all nations" (Matt 28:19).

Our Vision

A movement of God among the youth of the globe…displaying the wonders of God to the next generation. (Ps 78:3-7)

Specifically we are trusting God to have movement leaders in 100 countries of the globe by 2020 and through these organizations see 100,000 young emerging leaders be multiplied…"from everywhere to everywhere"…for His glory in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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